Should You Crate Train Your Cat?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As cat owners, we’re driven by our love for our cats and our passion for giving them their best life. Everyone and their aunt (and the internet) has an opinion of what we should and should not do. In a world dominated by trends and gimmicks, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important.

For example: when was the last time you brought your cat to your vet for a wellness visit?

If the mere thought of having to put your cat in a carrier gives you sweaty palms and makes you want to jump off this page... you're in the right place, sunshine!

So take a deep breath, let the image of a standoff with your cat fade from your thoughts, and let's have a heart to heart on the concrete benefits of crate training your cat. And because it's hard to be rational when it comes to our feline soulmates, we'll be looking into what veterinary science tell us about cats and crating.

  • 00:20 - Ok, so you know that dreadful scenario I mentioned before? You know, the standoff and subsequent meowing and stressful drive? Crate training your cat you totally solve this for you.

  • 01:13 - We discuss a study on the effect of hiding on stress (cortisol) levels in cats (SPOILER ALERT: feeling safe and protected can actually change your cat's cortisol levels!)

  • 01:39 - Annual wellness visits are important to monitor your cat's health. Crate training your cat allows you to concentrate on what matters most, your cat's health.

  • 02:26 - Cat's are incredible creatures. We discuss Physiologic Leukocytosis, and its effects on your cat's bloodwork.

  • 04:45 - The second study we look at explores the effect of stress on blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate in cats. (SPOILER ALERT: vets had it all wrong!)

  • 06:02 - The third study evaluated the relationship between a cat struggling and its blood glucose levels (aka Hyperglycemia). If you're still trying to decide if crate training might be for you and your cat, this study will cement your decision

  • 08:35 - What if the unthinkable happens, and your cat needs to stay at the vet overnight?

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