5 Benefits of Crate Training your Dog

As dog owners, we’re driven by our love for our dogs and our passion for giving them their best life. Everyone and their aunt (and the internet) has an opinion of what we should and should not do. In a world dominated by trends and gimmicks, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important.

For example: how was your last road trip?

If thinking about you last road trip with your dog makes your low eye lid start twitching like Scrat's when he loses his nut (I see you, Ice Age fans, and I'm with you all the way! ❤️🐿)... you're in the right place, sunshine!

So take a deep breath, let that eye lid relax, and let's have a heart to heart on the concrete benefits of crate training your dog. And because it's hard to be rational when it comes to our feline soulmates, we'll be looking into what veterinary science tell us about dogs and crating.

  • 00:14 - Why I chose to establish crate training a habit with my dog, Iberia

  • 00:52 - Travel / Car trips

  • 01:39 - We talk about a study on the effect of travelling on the immune system. SPOILER ALERT: this is NOT GOOD NEWS!

  • 02:33 - Vet visits: oh so hated by our dogs, but oh so necessary. Can crate training actually make them go smoother? HINT: YES MA'M, it sure can!

  • 03:05 - Next, we look at a study on the effect of stress on dog and their pain signals. Yes, they're connected. And yes, we can do something about it

  • 04:18 - Going on vacation. You know, like when you haven't even pulled out your suitcase and yet your dog's pacing worriedly? HOW DO THEY EVEN KNOW IT BEFORE WE PULL OUR SUITCASES OUT?

  • 05:56 - Meal Times can be stressful, especially in a multi-pet household or when you have little kids around. But no more, my friend. Not after crate training!

  • 06:11 - Food Allergies. Oh, the horror. I share a picture of my rescue cat Caledonia and what she looked like when she was found, which is how she looks when she doesn't follow a strict diet. Which she wouldn't, cuz KITTY BE HUNGRY! Iberia, too, has had issues in the past. We're sharing how crate training solve both of these problems for us

  • 07:24 - Crate training at meal time means no more playing DOGGY POLICE PATROL. If you have a multi-pet household, you know you need to be careful of some of your furry kids stealing another pet's dinner (or yours... "Thank you, little Kitty, for keeping my portions small..." but that's a story for another time!). Just feed, close the door, and enjoy that bulleproof matcha latte (or coffee, if you're so easily pleased 😜)

  • 08:12 - None of us want to think of our canine soulmates being hurt, but it's a reality we have to face... wait, REWIND, I HAD TO FACE WHEN IBERIA HAD SUDDEN BACK ISSUES LAST YEAR 😱. Thankfully, she was used to being crated, so she handled the 2 weeks of complete bed rest with ease. And I want you to know you've got a back up plan should you need it.

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