2 More Reasons To Crate Train Your Cat

In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of crate training your cat. I wanted to add fuel to the fire and get you itching to crate train your cat. I am going to show you how crate training your cat can revolutionize your life.

The biggest impact this habit has had on my daily routine has been at meal times. No more having to worry that Britannia (the beautiful feline the picture above) would not get enough to eat because her daughter would be faster that the both of us and steal it.

No more having to worry that Caledonia (ie. my colorpoint monkey 🐒🐱) would eat Britannia's food (or the dog's!!!) and have a relapse due to her food allergies.

Just feed, close the carrier door, and enjoy that matcha 🍵

And there's one more thing...

Can you imagine a 14 hour drive across 3 countries... with your cat in her carrier? If you can, and it's SCARY, you need to watch our video, where we share how our daily habit SAVED MY CATS' LIVES AND made the drive manageable and comfortable for us all!

  • 00:34 - Meal times: can you imagine a better time of day to build a lasting habit? Me neither! Meal time and food allergies are two of the reasons why I crate trained my pets, and you cannot believe the peace of mind this has brought me.

  • 02:15 - Some cats eat too fast, and then throw up. Having a crate training routine can help!

  • 03:08 - Cats and children... a recipe for disaster or for lifelong love and appreciation? Have you ever had to protect your cat from your toddler?

  • 04:27 - Resource guarding can be a problem with some cats, and it can have devastating consequences. In this segments, we looks at what resource guarding is, how to prevent it from happening, and how to alleviate in in cat who already display it.

  • 05:53 - Vacationing with your cat and be easy and stress-free for everyone involved. And yes, YOU CAN HAVE YOUR VACATION WITH YOUR CAT IN TOW!

  • 07:20 - We discuss the stats released by the ASPCA on cats LOST AND NEVER FOUND AGAIN. The statistics are truly chilling. And guess what? Many are lost during a move, just when you thought your kitty was locked in a bedroom... but the someone helping you opened it by mistake.

  • 10:47 - I share my experience of moving to a different country with cats. I want you to see how this small daily habit can completely revolutionise how you live life with our cats.

This video is definitely going to give you food for thought. Click here to WATCH IT NOW!

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